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Ban Negative Thoughts: The Pranic Healing Approach

The Pranic Healing Approach is a form of energy healing, allowing an individual to give their physical self the freedom to heal itself – mentally and physically. The term Pranic is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Prana,’ which means life force, and it is from this life force that one can draw their energy from. Here, a life force is something that assists in the continuous well-being of our physical, emotional and mental state. While it is common knowledge that our body functions in such a manner that healing is almost a natural process, Pranic Healing merely accelerates the process. It is one of the reasons why millions of people around the world practice this specific approach.

While the Pranic Healing approach has been around for several centuries, Master Choa Kok Sui, a Chinese Energy Master, is the one who reinvented the approach for modern use. Pranic Healing does not exist to replace medicine as a whole, but rather to complement the traditional medicinal procedures and treatments. It’s an easy adaptation into any medical treatment, along with enhancing the body’s natural healing abilities, makes it a convenient and efficient method to alleviate our mental and physical well- being. Individuals often resort to traditional methods of healing when they are in physical or mental pain – such as painkillers, or depression pills. We do this because of our tendency to rely on tangible objects to relieve our pain. However, our mind is just as much a healer as medicine can be, and it can alleviate or even decrease pain by significant amounts. Much like the Placebo effect, which has scientific evidence that patients have been eased from their pain or illnesses because they believe it, our mind plays a dominant role in the Pranic Healing Process. To an extent, it allows us to take the physical pain away.The Body’s Role In Pranic Healing

The Pranic Healing Approach follows a no-touch treatment and encourages your mind and your body to do the healing. Our body functions on muscle memory – it knows how to identify pain, where the pain is, and how to cure the pain. For our body to heal itself, it requires an active life force since it is the body that controls your physical and to an extent, your mental being. Pranic healing assists in enhancing our mind, helping it to heal the pain in our body. It bridges the connection between mind and body and allows for an efficient healing process.

The Effects of Negative Thinking

In the same way, our thoughts and our feelings can influence our actions; it also plays a vital role in how our energy is projected. Every moment in our lives, we are always thinking and feeling something, and this produces a thought entity. When we think of negative thoughts and continue to do so, our thought entity becomes a negative thought-form.

Our negative thoughts will create a negative aura and will tend to attract people with similar negative auras. Eventually, it would cause feelings of stress, crippling self-esteem, sadness, dissatisfaction, chronic depression, anxiety and similar emotions that would have a lasting impact on one’s mental health. On the other hand, positive thoughts result in a better state-of-mind, where one would feel joy, peace and hope because they will be surrounded by people with positive auras.Techniques To Ban Negative Thoughts

The Pranic Healing Approach provides several techniques to cleanse our energy and ban negative thoughts from our mind. Here are a few of them:

  1. Pranic Breathing: This is an efficient and easy technique to follow when you find yourself in a stressful situation. Pranic breathing helps in cleansing our Solar Plexus Chakra, which is believed to house most of your negative energy. The steps for Pranic Breathing are:
  1. a) To help circulate incoming energy throughout your body, place your tongue flat against the roof of your mouth.
  2. b) Start by inhaling slowly through your nose, counting to six while you do so.
  3. c) Hold your breath while counting to three.
  4. d) Now exhale through your nostrils, again counting to six while you do so.
  5. e) You will have completed one cycle of Pranic Breathing. Repeat this 6:3:6:3 sequence 12 times, or until you feel calmer.
  6. Pranic Psychotherapy: This is one of the most efficient methods to rid your mind from negative thoughts and negative feelings. MBS Holistic Clinics provide expert guidance on the practice of Pranic Psychotherapy, helping you deal with any negative situation, thoughts, emotions and feelings.

Benefits of The Pranic Healing Approach Include:

  • In a situation where a child is sick, a parent versed in the technique of the Pranic Healing Approach can help to bring down their child’s temperature in only a few hours.
  • Individuals would feel a significant improvement in their health and stamina.
  • In case of cough or cold, the Pranic Approach can help dissipate it in under a day.
  • Pain from illnesses in the eye, liver, kidney or heart can be significantly alleviated by practicing The Pranic Healing Approach.
  • Pranic healing offers you inner peace and joy in the most calming way and is perfect for reducing stress.
  • Individuals will find themselves benefitted from better memory and increased concentration.
  • The Pranic Healing Approach increases your self-esteem, along with which you’ll find yourself with increased inter-personal skills.
  • Pranic Healing enhances your chances of receiving good luck, and additionally, enhances your spiritual growth.

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