MBS Holistic Centre’s Reiki Therapy: Everything You Need to Know

MBS Holistic Centre is a comprehensive and extensive wellness centre that boasts of services that can help your mind and body heal and maintain a healthy lifestyle. They help create a perfect balance between health and wellness. They offer Reiki Therapy as an initiative of the wellness program. They aim to achieve a healthy balance between the mind, body and soul.

The Origins of Reiki Therapy

Reiki means ‘Mysterious Atmosphere or Miraculous Sign’. The origins of Reiki Therapy are in Japan. It is the form of alternative medicine known as energy healing. It encourages physical as well as emotional healing by the means of compassion and empathy. 

Reiki Therapy aids in relaxation. It also assists in the body’s natural healing processes. It helps in developing emotional, physical and  spiritual well being. It is also said that it helps in coping with problems of daily life by inducing deep relaxation techniques. 

Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing, in which the practitioners transfer an ‘universal energy’ to the patients to ease the pain. It is said that it helps in increasing mobility of a patient who has pain in his shoulder or wrist.

How does Reiki Therapy work?

Spiritually, our body is made of ‘Chakras’ and ‘Auras’. Imbalance in these Chakras and Auras can trigger complications in the healing process. 

Reiki Therapy is used to balance these Chakras and Auras to fasten the healing process. The body functions optimally due to the balancing of these Chakras and Auras.

What happens in a Reiki session?

Reiki therapy generally happens in a peaceful setting. The patient is made comfortable in a chair the environment is set according to the patients’ preferences. The practitioner then places his hands on different parts of the body for 2 to 5 minutes.

In cases of specific injuries like a burn, the hand is placed right above the wound/injury. The transfer of energy occurs when the palm is held above the injuries or the area of the body. When the heat is transferred or the practitioner feels a change in his palms, he takes the hand off that area and positions it elsewhere. 

Some Reiki techniques are:

  1. Centering
  2. Beaming
  3. Harmful energy extraction
  4. Infusion
  5. Raking of Auras

Sessions can last from anywhere between 15 to 90 minutes. Sometimes one session might be enough while other patients may require several to work on a spectrum of issues.

Reiki Healing in Beginners

The first step in Reiki healing is ‘Receiving Energy’. It focuses on activating energy within your own self. It involves closing your eyes and channeling the inner energies. The concept is to let the energy ‘flow’ from the mind to the part of the body that requires healing. 

Keep focusing on your breath.Enjoying the process of healing is as important. The power of the mind is unknown, hence, harvesting that power is important.

Reiki for Sleep inducement

Sleep is induced effectively when using Reiki therapy. The practitioners instruct the patients to close their eyes and concentrate on the energies.  The patients are instructed to breathe in and breathe out and concentrate on each breath. It becomes important that the patient recalls every memory of the day and thanks it before letting it go with every breath. This concentration helps the body relax, but more importantly it helps the mind be at peace and feel closure on the day. 

There is no unhealthy amount of time when doing Reiki therapy, but generally, 15 to 30 minutes should be enough to relax the patient and make him feel peaceful.

Reiki for Stress

The kind of life the world lives the quality of lifestyle tends to induce extreme stress and anxiety. This anxiety and stress can cause a lot of physiological and psychological problems. The problems include shortness of breath, congestion. These problems can lead to more stress making it a vicious cycle, a very dangerous one. It is often said, the world resides on a person’s shoulders. Keeping this in mind, Reiki therapy focuses on channeling the energy to the shoulder and then to the rest of the body. It is believed to make the shoulder stronger; strong enough to carry the world and it’s complications. The energy concentrated on the shoulder can then be passed down to the body to begin the process of healing and recovering.

In Reiki, the practitioner breathes in and out with you leading to a stimulation of companionship. The practitioner then holds his hand below the patient’s head for around 15 to 20 minutes for ultimate and full relaxation. 

Sealing off the energy

The energy is now transferred to the patient’s body and is helping him in the process of healing. But the question remains, what does one do to keep this energy from oozing out. It just requires you to offer gratitude and feel a sense of completion. There is nothing more or nothing less to sealing off this energy. It can start with a simple hand washing session to wipe off the excess energy. The gratitude should be towards yourself first, then the gratitude should be offered to the energy and then to the practitioner who helped through the process. Join your palms in prayer position, which indicates the sealing of energy and completing the circle of energy transfer.


There are no reported side effects of Reiki therapy. Though the doctor might advise you to drink lots of water. It is also essential that your doctor or practitioner has a full picture of your health and medical history so as to treat you well and take good care of you. 

Reiki therapy is recommended highly for people dealing with stress and anxiety. It has shown extremely positive results indicating a lifestyle shift towards the good. People undergoing Reiki therapy are calm, controlled and extremely healthy to start. They show no signs of behavioral trauma and live a life that is healthy, and more importantly happy. Everybody deserves that kind of life!

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