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Instead Of Focusing On Specific Treatments To Control Blood Sugar Levels, Our Therapist Focuses On Enhancing The Patient’s General Well-Being And Immunity. Along With Treating Diabetes , Holistic Approach Aids In The Prevention And Control Of Other Lifestyle Disorders Such As Strokes, High Blood Pressure, Stress, Weight Problems, Renal Failure, Eyesight Loss, And So On. Causes When Cells Become Resistant To The Action Of Insulin, And Pancrea Is Unable To Make Enough Insulin To Overcome The Resistance, Instead Of Moving Into The Cells Where It’s Needed For Energy, Sugar Builds Up In Your Bloodstream This Leads To Diabetes


If You Have Any Of The Following Diabetes Symptoms, See Your Doctor About Getting Your Blood Sugar Tested:


  • Urinate (Pee) A Lot, Often At Night
  • Are Very Thirsty
  • Lose Weight Without Trying
  • Are Very Hungry
  • Have Blurry Vision
  • Have Numb Or Tingling Hands Or Feet
  • Feel Very Tired
  • Have Very Dry Skin

Can Holistic Wellness Help Treat Diabetes?

Prescribed Medicine, A Nutritious Diet, And A Healthy, Active Lifestyle Are All Part Of A Holistic Diabetes Care Strategy. Patients Who Follow Such A Regimen Can Better Control Their Blood Sugar Levels, Lowering Their Risk Of Heart Disease, Stroke, And Renal Failure.

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