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What Is Pranic Healing ?

Pranic Healing Is A No-Touch Healing System. It Boosts The Body’s Natural Ability To Heal Itself By Utilising “Life Force,” “Energy,” Or Breath. Hundreds Of Thousands Of People All Around The World Practise This. What Pranic Healing Can Do For You? To Cure The Energy/Life Force Is Transferred To The Patient, Which Is Characterized As Universal Energy . It Is The Process Of Cleaning And Energising The Aura Of A Person.

Benefits Of Pranic Healing?

It Is Used To Treat Ailments Like Fever, Pain, Itching, Migraine, Etc. Practicing It Consistently Helps A Person Achieve Inner Peace By Cleansing The Aura Of Negative Energy. This Helps A Person To Reach Higher Levels Of Consciousness.
In Treatment For Mental Illness

About MBS - Pranic Healing

The Practitioners Assess The Patient’s Condition And Apply Specific Techniques And Frequencies Depending On The Disease. MBS Provides The Best Facility And Environment So That One Can Be Benefited From All The Goodness Pranic Healing Offers And Get Rid Of The Most Complicated Disorders, And Lead A Peaceful And Healthier Life.

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Psychologist / Hypnotherapist / Pranic Healer

Simran Kaur


Shivani Ambekar

Psychologist / Wellness Coach

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