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Come join us at MBS Holistic Clinic– and live a life full of health and happiness

MBS Holistic Clinic is a comprehensive wellness centre offering various services that help build and maintain a healthy body and mind, thereby restoring the balance of health and wellness.

Our Philosophy

At MBS, we believe that good health is for everyone. The physical, mental and spiritual aspects of our health are all interconnected. When they are in harmony, holistic well-being and personal growth can be achieved. Through our holistic services of Yoga, Counseling, Pranic Healing, Acupressure, Hypnotherapy, Homeopathy and several other healing techniques, all performed by qualified professionals, we endeavor to empower our clients to attain happiness and prosperity.

Holistic Services

Mr. Mitesh Thakkar

MBS Holistic Clinic, founded by Mr. Mitesh Thakkar in 2011, is a healing center where many alternative healing therapies are available under one roof. Mitesh dreamed of establishing a high quality institution that offers a healing experience that is graceful, soothing and lasting. This center is the culmination of that dream. We strive, with utmost sincerity and respect, to provide our clients with a wholesome and balanced recovery. Mitesh has graduated in psychology and has studied yoga. He is a psychologist, hypnotherapist and a pranic healer.

Our Certifications and Appreciations

A quick peek of our Certifications and Appreciations

ISO Certified Company
Yoga Alliance International
ISRO Recognition
Yoga Day

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  • ―Reason for Visit: Astha and migraine
    I strongly recommend MBS holistic clinic for yoga classes. I gained better control of my asthma and migraine headache. They gives lot of individual attention and very motivating. I really miss their classes which was happening in our apartment complex.
  • ― Reason for Visit: Yoga Classes
    At first, I had joined Yoga sessions for killing time. 🙂 But after doing yoga for a month, I loved the changes in me. I had a peaceful sleep and felt fresh throughout the day. Excellent place for a great change in you. Trainers are very helpful and they help us do the asanas in the correct posture. 
  • ― Reason for Visit: Stiff Knees and stress
    Very good! Post the yoga sessions, my body felt lighter. Yoga is recommended for overall health of body and mind.
  • ― Reason for Visit: Stiff Knees and stress
    I have been doing yoga with MBS Clinic for the past 2 years. Their yoga teachers are regular and are very polite. They have a pleasant demeanor and also firm about following the correct method while they works on our asanas. Before I started with MBS I had a problem of stiff knees but now my body is more flexible and toned and I feel less stressed and more at peace.
  • ― Reason for Visit: Overcoming Anxiety
    She is excellent and will understand the problem very quickly. I had five sessions with her for my anxiety. She found the problem during the first session itself. She helped me to come out of all my negative thoughts and fear and suggested that I join yoga after the sessions completed. I have been doing the yoga for 9 months and I am having a completely peaceful life. Thank you for your great understanding and patience. I will definitely recommend MBS Holistic Clinic to the people who are suffering with anxiety or depression and seeking for a counselor.
  • ― Reason for Visit: Psychotherapy
    If you seek to place yourself in firm yet gentle hands to guide you through personal challenges, MBS Holistic Clinic is the place you are looking for. In my 5 months of counselling, I found them to be approachable and friendly yet completely professional, a balance that many specialists in their field find hard to achieve. Their sessions have the perfect mix of a non judgmental, listening ear and gentle, constructive advice, tempered with empathy and kindly humour. At the end of 5 months I find myself to be far more self aware and thereby better equipped to deal with challenges without viewing them as problems. I find myself looking for constructive ways to face life, rather than looking for magical solutions to 'problems'. Thank You MBS Holistic Clinic. It's been a pleasure!!
  • ― Reason for Visit: Psychotherapy
    I find her to be a thorough professional and a great counsellor. She has been counselling me for almost 2 years. I find her to be warm empathetic and skilful. She has used TA techniques to help me realise my maladaptive behaviour and has made me adopt healthy ones. I would recommend her to anyone who needs some undivided attention and counselling. Thanks! - H R professional of a Fortune 500 company.
  • ― Reason for Visit: Psychological Analysis
    I have been consulting with her for 2 months and find the sessions with her pretty helpful. She understands the problem and patiently tries to get the client out of their issue. I was a victim of an aggressive road rage issue last November and that had bothered me ever since. She is helping me come out of this as well as other personal issues. I will recommend her to anyone seeking counselling or facing other personal issues.
  • ― Reason for Visit: Relationship Issues
    She has been my counselor for almost a year now and she successfully helped me greatly to deal with personal issues on my relationship with my soul mate. She helped me with overcoming grief and sorrow and ultimately regain my lost love. She has been my pillar of strength and positivity during tough times. She understood my issues clearly and she always had a resolving answer to my questions. Always very timely and punctual. I strongly recommend her!
  • ― Reason for Visit: Wellness Coaching
    I've been seeing my counsellor for the past couple of months. She has been absolutely great and made me feel most comfortable. I have started practicing yoga on her recommendation and I'm already seeing the benefits. I think good chemistry with your counsellor is vital and I can positively say that I share it with her. I feel so positive when I see her and she has guided me tremendously and most importantly at my pace. I will 100% recommend her to everyone who requires counselling support. Thank you so much to her.

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