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Poor Posture, Be It Sitting Over Your Computer Or Leaning Over Your Table, Strain Neck Muscles. Neck Pain Is Frequently Caused By Osteoarthritis


Muscle Strains – Are Frequently Caused By Overuse, Such As Spending Too Much Time Slumped Over A Computer Or Smartphone. Neck Muscles Can Be Stressed By Even Simple Activities Like Reading In Bed Or Hammering Your Teeth. Worn Joints Nerve Compression

About MBS - Neck Pain

Our Goals Is To Reduce Your Pain And Stiffness And Improve Your Range Of Motion We Work On Ways To Strengthen Your Neck And Back And Develop Strategies With You To Prevent The Pain From Recurring.

Meet our Experts


Psychologist / Hypnotherapist / Pranic Healer

Simran Kaur


Shivani Ambekar

Psychologist / Wellness Coach

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