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A Holistic Approach To Migraine Healing

Migraines Are Caused By Improper Neurological Function, Resulting In Attacks That Can Last From Hours To Days.

What Are The Symptoms Of Migraine?

A Headache Is The Most Common Symptom Of Migraine. It Might Start As A Mild Headache And Progress To Moderate Or Severe Pulsing Pain.Some People Notice Pain In The Area Of Their Eye Or Forehead, As Well As In Their Face, Sinus, Jaw, Or Neck.

Other Symptoms Of Migraine Headaches Include:

  • Sensitivity To Light, Noise And Odors.
  • Nausea And Vomiting, Upset Stomach And Abdominal Pain.
  • Loss Of Appetite.
  • Feeling Very Warm (Sweating) Or Cold (Chills).
  • Pale Skin Color (Pallor).
  • Feeling Tired.
  • Dizziness And Blurred Vision

About MBS - Migraine

Our Customized Treatment Plan Is Created By Our Trainers To Address The Root Cause Of The Patient’s Migraine Symptoms. Treatment Options Include Accupressure And Counseling.

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Psychologist / Hypnotherapist / Pranic Healer

Simran Kaur


Shivani Ambekar

Psychologist / Wellness Coach

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