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Welcome to our yoga center, a cocoon of energy, love, and warmth. Here at our yoga Wellness Centre, you will get a chance to get Yoga training from world class teachers, Who will not only help in teaching yoga but will create a tremendous connection between your brain, heart and soul. Yoga experts at our wellness centre will help you to make a sync between the soul and environment. 

At yoga and meditation centres you will feel as if you are immersed in the sea of energy. Your inner soul will be cleansed from all the negativity and will give you the feel of purity. After spending some time with Yoga teachers at our yoga holistic wellness centre People develop a new vision of life. 

How yoga therapy helps in your holistic problem?

Yoga center will help you to heal your body as a whole, and as you begin practicing yoga the blood circulation in your body increases Which in turn results into the healthy functioning of the brain, heart, and other organs of the human body. 

The practice of yoga offers many benefits for people who are suffering from physical ailments, mental disorders, Pain, or emotional problems. 

At yoga and holistic health care centers teachers try to disconnect you from all the worries, stress, tension, and anxiety of this world and you will make the right combination of your breath, thought and awareness.  And this is how you will Heal Your entire body. 

Yoga Sessions for Wellness

Yoga as a substitute for medical treatment is not fully correct. But yoga Sessions can make a balance between body, mind, and emotions. And this can definitely help you in healing. And yoga sessions can cure your body from many diseases. At Yoga holistic wellness centre teachers teach you how to focus on your breath and calm your thoughts. And with this way you can easily get rid of negative feelings about yourself and can heal your body in a holistic way.

And not only through yoga but if your body is in need of any therapy like aromatherapy, couple therapy, or Hypnotherapy. Our aim is to provide you with a better healthy life. 

About MBS - yoga

We are honoured to say that we are one of the best yoga wellness centres in Bangalore. Here at our Yoga Centre, we offer different classes Which are packed full of energy and benefit people of all kinds. 

 In such a busy city you hardly find a place where you can relax and calm our brain and body. A peaceful place where you can sit and do Pranayama, Meditation in order to achieve oneness with yourself and with the universe.

So whenever, you are in search of such a place where you can unwind and relax your mind you are always welcomed at MBS yoga wellness centre. 

Personalised onboarding

We tailor the Personalised onboarding process in such a way that our new yogis and yoginis fit into our yoga centre more comfortably. Our yoga instructors try to know you and your problems and likewise make your programme. And this personalised onboarding helps us in giving you what you exactly want. 

Meet our instructors

Finally, it’s time to meet the instructors of our yoga centre. Each yoga instructor has a unique way of counselling and teaching yoga however they all hold the same passion for yoga. Beside this every yoga teacher holds years of experience in this field. 

Dr. Hemant Tiwari

Yoga instructor and therapist

Dr Pooja Shah

Yoga Therapist / Naturopathy / Acupressure / Acupuncture


Yoga instructor and therapist

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We are proud to share that once a person visits our yoga and Holistic care centre never forgets the essence of our Yoga Centre. And they keep on visiting us every so often even after the completion of their yoga sessions.