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Holistic Wellbeing: Approaches To Coping With Anger

A Holistic Approach Is Now Opted By Many People As A Treatment To Deal With Anger Management Naturally. Several Alternative Treatments Come Under The Category Of Holistic Wellbeing Such As Yoga, Meditation, Pranic Healing, Aroma Therapy, Hypnotherapy Etc.

What Exactly Is Anger?

Anger Is A Natural Reaction To Situations That Are Considered To Be Real. It Causes Your Body To Release Adrenaline, Which Tightens Your Muscles And Raises Your Heart Rate And Blood Pressure. Your Senses May Be Sharper, And Your Cheeks And Hands May Be Flushed.

What Is Anger Management?

Anger Management Is A Psychotherapeutic Approach To Preventing And Controlling Anger. Managing Anger Is Very Important As The Continuous High Anger Will Lead To Shoot In BP Which Ultimately May Result In Issue Of Heart Attack.


Anger Management Help Individuals With Anger Issues, Learn To Gain Insight Into What Sets Them Off. With Continued Therapy And Practice Of Strategies At Home And At Work, The Individual Can Learn To Control Anger By Putting These Events Into Perspective.

Healthy Ways Of Dealing With Anger

Different Types Of Therapies Can Help You Figure Out The Root Cause Of Your Anger And How To Combat It Effectively Pranic Healing -Uses High Frequencies Of Energy To Disintegrate And Remove The Thought Forms Of Anger From Our System And Normalize The Chakras That Arouse Negative Lower Emotions. Chakras Of People Who Often Get Affected By Anger Are Damaged And Have Holes And Cracks That Should Be Repaired And Sealed. Aroma Therapy- According To 2005 Based Study Researchers Have Discovered That Hand Massages Using Lavender Essential Oil Reduced Dementia Patients’ Hostility. In A Similar Study In 2018, Aromatherapy Was Proven To Reduce Hostility In Dementia Patients. Homeopathy- Homeopathic Medicines Work On A Dynamic Plane, Going To The Deeper Levels Of The Brain To Modify Angry Temperaments. They Help Balance The Mood And Negative Thoughts That Lead To Anger.

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