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Panic Disorder Is An Anxiety Disorder Where You Regularly Have Sudden Attacks Of Panic Or Fear. It Causes Panic Attacks, Which Are Sudden Feelings Of Terror When There Is No Real Danger. You May Feel As If You Are Losing Control.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Panic Disorder?

Usually Panic Attacks Occur Suddenly And Without Warning. Some Of Its Signs Or Symptoms Are :
Sense Of Impending Danger
Fear Of Loss Of Control Or Death
Rapid, Pounding Heart Rate
Trembling Or Shaking
Shortness Of Breath Or Tightness In Your Throat
Hot Flashes
What Causes Anxiety Panic? Anxiety Disorders Are Similar To Other Types Of Mental Illnesses In That They Are Marked By A Loss Of Emotional Control. They Are Not The Product Of Human Flaws, Failures, Or Challenges With Parenting.

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