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Homeopathy Defers At Its Roots From Other Conventional And More Acceptable Western Medicine Techniques. MBS Holistic Specialises In Treating Patients With Homeopathy.

Homeopathy Claims To Stimulate Healing Responses To Diseases By Administering Substances That Mimic The Symptoms Of Those Diseases In Healthy People.

Homeopathic Treatments Are Commonly Effective In Treating Acute Illnesses That Are More Serious Or Last Longer. Doctors Believe That Physical Ailments Are A Sign Of Something Deeper

About MBS - Homeopathy

The Principle Behind Homeopathy Is ‘Like Cures Like. Our Practitioners At MBS Have Spent A Lot Of Time In Researching Homeopathy And Have Found Effective Solutions To Your Problems

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Psychologist / Hypnotherapist / Pranic Healer

Simran Kaur


Shivani Ambekar

Psychologist / Wellness Coach

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