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How to Support the Immune system with Yoga?

Yoga is more or less a way of life and artistry to keep an individual mentally, physically, and spiritually sound and safe. However, as the entire world is under lockdown and life has come to a standstill. It’s essential to look after ourselves, our health, and immunity in those times of indolence and inactivity. Yoga is indeed an essential harpoon that will rescue the immunity and a man’s active actions from being dropped off. Yoga helps to boost one’s immunity, and in turn, it’s a time-tested remedy for all human-made ailments.

According to the World Health Organization; Yoga is considered to be beneficial as it acts as an important tool in accelerating the physical activities and enables curbing all kinds of non-communicable diseases and keeps the immunity high. So, practising Yoga daily along with a healthy diet will let a person relax his/her senses, mind and improve one’s health. And this will ultimately lead to the development of a fit and fine immune system.

Benefits of Yoga in supporting the immune system

As simple as it seems that getting into the habit of practising Yoga is somewhat a task to conquer. Once you do it, the internal body mechanisms will start reviving, and you’ll feel the change in your body, as well as peace of mind, will be established. So some of the significant benefits of Yoga can be:

  1. Yoga enables in rooting out Cortisol levels, which help reduce stress hormones and its negative after-effects.
  2. Actively performing yoga makes your brain sharp and alert, strengthening the nervous system and automatically contributing to the well being of the heart. It also controls your blood pressure as the level of SNS is reduced, and PNS is increased, which calms an individual down physically and mentally. It further helps in the proper circulation of oxygenated blood to different parts of the body. It keeps the human circulatory system and respiratory system healthy.
  3. A healthy Immune system is more or less a factor responsible for a healthy lifestyle. Once you’re free from sickness and pain, every day is a hey-day. Practising Yoga helps free one’s body from all kinds of lifestyle and non-communicable diseases like diabetes, heart attack, cholesterol, and hypertension.
  4. In this hour of high tension, Yoga can act as a stress buster. Many scientists and yoga practitioners say it makes you fit and helps to get rid of cold and cough. It enables the proper flow of blood to the sinuses, which in turn eases congestion. And this ultimately gives an individual a great sense of relief.
  5. Particularly, yoga asanas like Savasana or Pranayam help treat different lung-related issues like Bronchial congestion or even chest pain. Yoga is an antidote to every skeletal disease, may it be prolonged spine ache or other bone aches or osteoporosis. So yoga commands and maintains a strong build that directly strengthens one’s immune system.
  6. Psychological and physiological anxiety can affect a body, mind, and immune system rigorously. This weakens the immunity and makes an individual lethargic. This, in turn, increases the chances of persistent inflammation, which can be harmful. Studies say that practising Yoga can help in speedy recovery of the injuries and infections. And Yoga has some anti-inflammatory effects on the human body and helps cure inflammation quickly.
  7. Yoga has a natural way to treat the illness. So if one is affected by any virus or bacteria, then he/she should perform Yoga regularly because it doctors all kinds of bacterial infections or viral infections like pneumonia. So where there’s this world is trying to crush out this Epidemic, Yoga can be a guiding force to revive the immunity and spread positivity
  8. Meditation and Pranayama help in ingraining positivity within. It keeps the body and the soul intact and calm and helps in having a sound mind along with a tinge of optimism from the inside and from the outside.

The days under this Pandemic seem longer and tougher, but one can find their goals even in the darkest of hours. So do Yoga and bring in the hoard of positivity in your life and strengthen your immune system, because the healthier you are, the wealthier you get. I hope you all stay fine in this quarantine. Stay safe, fellas!

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