How Counselling Helps In Dealing With Major Transitions?

Human life is full of ups and downs, changing situations, and a new challenge with every new day. These changes and challenges break us, build us, and, most importantly- help us become a better person. The process begins with birth and ends with death, and there’s nothing that we can do in it. But at times, dealing with situations becomes too difficult.

We go through major transitions- sometimes out of our desire for betterment, and sometimes under compulsion. When these transitions become almost impossible to handle on our own, that’s when counselling helps. A large number of people consider counselling as a means to help people with mental problems. We have discussed below how counselling helps in major transitions.

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The Role of a Counselling in Handling Major Transitions

Though there are several ways in which Counselling can help you out, I am listing down five of them.

  • Expectation Management.

No adjustment happens overnight. And when we are talking about significant transitions, counselling encourages you to manage your expectations as the first important step. Recognizing and adjusting to the change indeed takes time as well and patience. But it is Counselling that helps you survive and thrive through the rough time of transition.

  • Help you lay Focus on the Opportunities.

At times it’s not the change that we fear but the loss that we face and the sacrifice that we make. Whether it is in the form of our family, friends, loved one, career, or just security of familiarity. While these concerns are not meant to be ignored, even focusing on them is not expected to bring anything positive. Counselling helps you to choose and to think more about the opportunities which can come your way from the change. It brings optimism for the future, in one’s mind.

  • Developing Realistic Goals.

Setting up goals is essential. But do you know what is most important? It is how realistic these goals are. One must always be aware of whether his goals are achievable or just capable of being a plot for a fairy tale. Counselling helps in setting not only specific goals but also developing a functional plan for completion.

  • Have time for some Self-care.

Whether you have a busy schedule or are just ignorant, self-care usually takes the back seat most of the time during a transition. Counselling helps you take care of yourself physically as well as mentally. Even if you are the busiest person on earth, some self-care will better equip you to deal with all the emotional changes that you are going through.

  • Accepting the Change.

Change is an integral part of being human. It might sound trite but is true to its core. The sooner you accept this fact, the earlier you’ll be able to handle your emotions with more efficiency. And what can be better than Counselling to help you do so? Counselling will help you change your refusal into acceptance for the transition.

How to know if it’s time to meet a Counsellor?

Many people wonder if they need to see a Counsellor or whether they are just overreacting. In most of the cases, people are unable to realize their need for Counselling, at the right time. So here are a few points that will help you know if it is time for you to meet a Counsellor.

  • The change becomes the Cause of Significant Distress in Your Life.

If your problem causes a significant hindrance in your everyday functioning of life, take it as a warning. It can be at work, or home, at your school, or any other place. You might experience a lack of concentration, reduced enthusiasm, and the drive to get things no more exists. You might avoid having interactions with your coworkers or classmates.

If you function poorly in any of these environments, and it goes on for weeks, it’s a sure sign to seek help.

  • Nothing that You’ve Done has been helpful.

Most of us feel anxious at a point or another in our lives. And each one of us has its way to combat these feelings of depression- lethargy, hopelessness, and sadness. But sometimes our coping skills fail us miserably. Everything that you try ceases to work.

If nothing is making much of a difference, it’s best to go to a Counsellor.

  • Dear ones seem Tired of Listening to You.

Our dear ones, family, and friends are usually a great help when it comes to lending a listening ear. They are present with us at the good, as well as bad times. But sometimes even our closed ones feel overwhelmed by our problems.

These signs can indicate that we have overwhelmed our social support system. And this calls out to reach to someone whose job is listening and offering a helping hand to have a normal life.

  • You may Overuse or even Abuse Something (or maybe Someone too).

When situations seem to get too tough to handle, many people prefer to get to their preferred mood-altering substance. It can be some alcoholic compounds, cigarettes, or any other drug. People might also start spending all their time online, engaging in unnecessary stuff, or even gambling.

In an even worse scenario, some people tend to lash out at their loved ones and make their life miserable. There can be no greater sign that you need help.

  • People might have Noticed and at times said Something to You.

It is the easiest indication, but sometimes we ignore these obvious signs that come our way. It could be a friend who took you aside and asked, “Hey, is everything fine? You seem to be struggling lately.” Or maybe your partner who directly said, “Look, you are in need of help. You haven’t been yourself, and things seem to get worse.”

Even your coworkers or your classmates could have noticed your strange behavior and attempted to let you know. Don’t ignore these signs.To Sum Up:

Change is the essence of life. We can’t expect to have a better life tomorrow if we are not ready to change today. But at times, these changes could come as a cause of mental issues in the face of social success. One might feel shy to disclose or hard to recognize their need for help. But that is the greatest favor that you’ll do on yourself. Going for Counselling is the best solution for problems arising from Major Transitions. And it would be best if you never ignore that. Stay sound. Stay happy!

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