Having Corona distress calls? Here’s how you can solve them!

We have experienced a lot since the initiation of the year 2020. Currently, the CoronaVirus pandemic is not unknown to anyone and has cemented its presence on the globe. Global governments have been scratching their heads over the solution to this sudden pandemic. However, it seems that self-isolation, aka quarantine, would help in flattening the curve. Every country is resorting to the procedure, and the results after quarantine are quite impressive.

But staying indoors is not easy, either. Most of us have been adapted to the office-work culture. With the Coronavirus forcing us to stay indoors, we face a sudden rush of emotions. In situations like these, we must maintain the peace of our minds. It has been over a month since the country-wide lockdown was announced, and we have followed it ardently. The country has respected the decision of staying indoors and has rightly understood the gravity of the situation. However, when the situation is grave to this extent anxiety and stress are on the rise. COVID-19 is a dreaded virus, and everyone is aware of that. But when you realize that people are losing their lives, then anxiety increases, and you start getting disturbed. But how does one avoid these distress calls? Are they essential to be addressed? To know the answers, keep scrolling!

Why does the anxiety attack happen in the first place?

Getting stressed during an outbreak is natural! The outbreak of the virus has been stressful for a lot of groups. Anxiety and distress about a disease can be a bit overwhelming for both adults and children alike. Moreover, in the case of a disease like Corona, about which information is scarce, the anxiety is sure to increase! But if you try to cope up with these distress calls, then that will make you and your community stronger. Here are some common reasons for stressing out:

  1. Worrying about your health
  2. Worrying about your near and dear ones
  3. Changes in the sleep cycle
  4. Sudden insomnia and lack of sleep
  5. Chronic health problems start to escalate.
  6. Increase in tobacco and alcohol consumption

Who are the groups, and how do they get affected?

The first thing that we should remember is that every human is wired differently. Therefore, our response to the pandemic is sure to vary on a large scale. How we react to the situation largely depends upon the area we reside in and the society we belong to. Recognizing such groups might help us realize the reach of stress-related problems. The most general segregations can be as follows:

  1. Senior citizens and people suffering from chronic diseases are at a higher risk of getting affected.
  2. Children and teenagers should not be neglected.
  3. The doctor and police officers, sweepers, paramedical staff who are playing a significant role in fighting this virus have also put their lives as the first line of defence.
  4. People with mental conditions and the ones who are on drugs are also susceptible.

How do you take care of yourself and your community? 

You have to be very strong-willed if you wish to fight something as dreadful as COVID-19. The world had not seen such an outbreak since the Spanish Flu. Though we still lag in several preventive measures, fighting the fear of Corona out of our minds will make things easier. Here are some tips which will help you bring back your peace of mind:

  1. Taking regular breaks from the news: News can be pretty devastating nowadays. With the virus spread around the world, every news channel is providing daily updates on the numbers. So, try to take regular breaks from consuming such content. This is not restricted to only television but ranges from the good old television to social media as well.
  2. Take care of your health: Keeping yourself healthy might seem like a tough task now, but trust us, it will make you even more useful to your community. If you do not become susceptible to any disease, then you won’t become a potential liability in society in times like these.
  3. Stay fit: Eat healthy food and exercise daily. Make sure you eat fruits and green vegetables regularly. Ensure that you have a source of Vitamin-C on your plate as it helps you develop immunity.
  4. Make time for yourself and your loved ones: Remember that we are all in this together! Try to ensure that the atmosphere in your house is always euphoric, as this will divert the attention of the dreaded virus that is lurking outside.
  5. Unwind and connect: Talk to people about what they feel about the virus. Give them adequate mental energy to discuss and do not resort to an argumentative approach that can sour things down.

We, at MBS Holistic, understand the situation everyone is going through. So, we offer online therapy sessions to people who need to be heard. We will be more than happy if you come and share your problems with us. We believe that the virus will be defeated if we stay indoors and share our problems. You can always contact us on our website or through our social media handles, and we will be happy to answer you! MBS Holistic wishes you all a happy quarantine ahead!

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