Are Post Pandemic Uncertainties Taking a Toll on You?

Witnessing a pandemic situation is quite rare for our world. Though the future is always uncertain but in such scenarios uncertainty is much more intense. Numerous people have lost their jobs. And many are drowning in the worries about tomorrow. However, other than high death toll and unemployment a large number of people are getting affected mentally. The post-pandemic uncertainties are taking a toll on them. It results in causing mental problems and worsening of already existing mental issues.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Are you too one of those people? Are post-pandemic uncertainties taking a toll on you too? If yes, then you have reached the right place. Keep reading ahead to know more.

Coronavirus And Mental Health Issues

Fearing the strange is a part of human nature. Coronavirus has introduced us to a strange routine of staying in self-isolation and avoiding social interactions. Though most of us have accepted the situation as it is, still there are many who haven’t. These people have developed a fear in their hearts and mind about the uncertain future. The effect of this fear is in the formation of gruesome scars on the psychological health of people. And the saddest part is that these scars might stay even after Coronavirus leaves. Every problem has a solution, but the difficulty lies in finding out the solution. Stress and anxiety are not uncommon, and their rise during a pandemic is also understandable. The reasons are many, but solutions- solutions are few. However, if practiced properly, these few solutions can be a savior to your mental health.

You are not alone: Remember, we are in this together. And we will get out of this together. You are not alone. There are several people like you who are suffering from a similar crisis. But this is not the end. We have a long way ahead. And we’ll cross this obstacle together.

Have Caution Be Creative: Unique problems require unique solutions. If you are a job person but lost it due to pandemic, try a start-up. If you are unable to deliver your goods in the traditional way, find a new way. Need is the mother of invention. In this time of need, don’t let negativity take over you. Instead, go and come up with a solution.

Keep a check on yourself: Nobody can understand you better than you yourself. Try to understand yourself,  your mind, and your needs. Keep a check on your thoughts. Keep interrupting your negative thoughts with positive ones. Keep your spirits high and don’t lose hope.

Take help if required: If you are already a patient of some mental illness, don’t ignore your problem. If required, visit your psychologist whenever it’s possible. In case visiting is hard, have virtual counselling. You may use a video call or even a voice call for the purpose. But make sure to reach for help.

Meditate: Meditation is a strong therapy. It is probably the easiest and strongest of all. Mediation can help you in several ways. It won’t just help you keep your mind balanced, but also increase your immunity. In simple words, meditation can prove to be the best practice amid this period.

  • STEP 1: Lay focus on controlling all that comes under your can control.

You might not be able to control the spreading virus, the downfall of the economy, or your job security. As an instance, if you are left jobless due to COVID-19, you can still focus on managing your energy. The energy that you put in job search, getting help from your network or sending resumes. Similarly, if you are worried about your health, focus on improving your immunity. Try to switch your mind from useless worries to active problem-solving.

  • STEP 2: Challenge yourself and your needs of certainty

We all know that life is uncertain, yet we expect certainty from every aspect of our life. Understand that the best opportunity usually comes out of the most unexpected situations. Learn to adapt to changes. And it will certainly help you develop as a person. Let your negative thoughts and behavior go, and instead try having practical purposes.

  • STEP 3: Learn to accept uncertainties

Try to figure out what triggers your uncertainties. Uncertainties are usually a result of our own negative thoughts. Notice how your body reacts to these thoughts, the way you feel. Don’t try to suppress these feelings, instead accept them. For what you resist, that tends to persist. The feelings will eventually pass as every other feeling does.

  • STEP 4: Focus on the present

Focusing on the present is one of the best ways to get rid of worries. Stop thinking about what will happen, or what might happen. Think about what’s happening right now. Interrupt your negative and catastrophic assumptions. Stay calm and connected to the present.

Summing Up:

Uncertainties are an inseparable part of life. Nothing is certain, it’s just the idea of certainty that assures us. The spread of Coronavirus has taken away this assurance from us. But this isn’t the end. A single pandemic can not make us too weak to stand. A positive attitude and a dedicated mind are all that you need. Make sure that you take good care of your health, and rest all will be fine.

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