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An Insight Into Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing comes under the category of Energy Healing Techniques. Energy healing is an ancient healing system which works on the flow of energy. It restores the flow and balance of the energy throughout one’s soul, mind, and body.

Energy healing techniques work for the well-being of a person. It includes the spiritual, emotional and physical aspects. These techniques are beneficial in treatments of various medical conditions, especially mental ailments. It addresses those illnesses which are an outcome of a disturbance in the energy flow of the body. According to the theory, as soon as the energy flow is fixed, the person is automatically cured.

Out of most Energy Healing Techniques, the most effective one is Pranic Healing. Read further to know more about Pranic Healing.

What is Pranic Healing?

Pranic Healing is a technique that works on the rule of ‘no-touch and no drug’. The roots of this therapy lie in the basic principle that- ‘the body has the power to heal itself.’ The therapy claims to speed up this inborn power of the body.

Pranic Healing is a gift by Master Choa Kok Sui. The people who specialize in the therapy, usually call themselves as ‘The Healers’. These healers neither touch the body of their patient and nor prescribe any drug. They manipulate the energies of the body with the help of a crystal and their hands. The energy manipulation cĺaims to relieve patients from physical as well as mental pains.

How does the technique of Pranic Healing work?

Let’s dwell into some of the science before we come to the main point. The developer of this technique believes in the power of energy. They say that every matter in this entire universe is made of energy. Here, our physical body is not the limit; instead, much more comes into the boundary. The thoughts that cross our mind and feelings that we feel are all energy waves. These energy waves can easily be measured with the help of proper instruments.

Pranic Healing helps in accelerating the body’s inbuilt ability to heal itself. It includes emotional, physical, spiritual and mental treatment. Healing is done by transferring some life force energy into the patient’s body. The Lifeforce is universal energy, and not at all healer’s energy.

The imbalance of the energy field in the body is corrected with Pranic Healing. Some well-trained Pranic Healers have access to universal energy. They also transmit universal energy into the patient. The act of transferring energy proves to be helpful enough. It improves the patient’s overall health and even cures specific conditions and diseases.

The Pranic Healing follows a specific set of sessions as a part of therapy. The steps in which the Pranic Healing sessions are divided are as follows:

Step 1: Scanning

The initial step is to scan the patient. It includes the aura as well as chakras that determine the patient’s condition.

Step 2: Cleansing

Since a patient is suffering from some problem, it means there’s a problem with his energy field. Hence, the second step after checking is curing. It involves adjusting the patient’s energies to normalize them. The body gets rid of most of the energy abnormalities, diseased or dirty energies in this step.

Step 3: Energising

The patients’ body finally reaches the step of energizing, once it is cleansed. Energising is the final step of Pranic Healing therapy. In this step, the body experiences a replenishing and revitalizing effect. The effect comes with the new life force. With the completion of this step, the process, as well as the problem of the patient, ends.

Pranic Healing also consists of the following:

  • Bringing a rise in the power of the practitioner- the ability to heal.
  • It helps in building protection against the adverse and contaminated energies.
  • Pranic Healing helps in the strengthening of physical, mental, and emotional health. It also increases power and vitality.
  • Pranic Healing also prevents further diseases from occurring.
  • The therapy helps in improving one’s confidence. It allows people to materialize their goals.
  • The peacefulness, intuition, and compassion deepen.
  • The people who are having an interest in spiritual development can also have the benefit. They can raise their spiritual power(s) safely.

Is Pranic Healing easy to learn?

The technique of Pranic Healing deals with energies. It implies the need for a high level of concentration. Since the method of Pranic Healing is simple and straightforward, it is easy to understand. A person can easily learn the technique of Pranic Healing.

Energy is everywhere, and in everyone, this means that everyone has an ability to relieve pain and heal. The technique of Pranic Healing can help you learn, cultivate and awake your power. The power that lies within you can help you as well as others in a quick span.

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