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Yoga practice can benefit anyone. It does not depend on your body type or strength level, or your age. It boosts immunity, improves overall fitness level, relieves stress, increases energy levels, prevents common ailments, and much more. Join us today and avail all these benefits to live a fit life.


At MBS Holistic Clinic, we offer a variety of Yogic practices to suit every individual need.

Highly popular among youth, Power Yoga consists of dynamic asanas (postures) and powerful breathing exercises for nurturing the body, spirit and mind. It focuses on weight management; building up your core muscles strength, stamina & flexibility. Our instructors are equipped to provide a stimulating yoga experience, paying close attention to alignments, strength buildingwith a profound inner awareness.

Hatha Yoga is recognized as a gentle style of yoga, best suited for the beginners. It combines physical exercise and mental discipline, emphasizing on the deep relaxation of the muscles, precise alignment, and subtle awareness of the breath. Each class begins with the gentle opening of deep back muscles using simple relaxation postures followed by breathing exercises.You will learn basic poses, relaxation techniques and terminologies related to Yogic practices. Individual guidance is provided to make the class more engaging and fruitful.

An aesthetical blend of eight arts, Ashtanga Yoga aims to evoke the connection between the mind, body, and spirit.It’s a unique style that emphasizes on proper diet, effective asanas (postures), breathing with movement (Vinyasa), focused gaze (Drishti) and internal locks (Bandhas) to detox, de-stress and increase the body’s vitality. This form is intensely physical and athletic. The poses are created to encourage enhanced strength and flexibility in the body.

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