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Wellness Coaching: Well-Being and Health Goals

Health coaches have become popular everywhere, but what exactly do they do?

Health coaches are becoming more recognized as the wellness industry has flourished in recent years. Doctors realized the importance of this profession and began working with health and wellness coaches in their practices.

However, there is still confusion about the role of a health and wellness coach. The best way to better understand what a particular health and wellness coach does is by looking at their practice approach.

Browse our wellness section and discover everything you want to know about physical and mental health or well-being. 

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What is a wellness coach?

A wellness coach is someone who helps others keep up with their wellness plan. The trainer will help design an exercise routine and work on other aspects of wellness with the client. In many ways, the wellness coach will be a teacher; in different ways, the coach will encourage. In general, a coach is a person who helps a client achieve their wellness goals.

What do they do?

Most people are accustomed to personal trainers and everything they do. These people set exercise goals for an individual and then work with them to achieve those goals. These are often cardio and weight lifting goals. Once they are met, new goals are usually set. This is also part of the job description of a wellness coach in many cases. However, the exercise’s objectives are not where the work ends but merely a small part of the overall responsibility.

Wellness Coach is so widely used in the international arena and extends from the United States to Europe. It refers to a “wellness advisor,” a guide who provides the necessary tools to acquire healthy habits and adopt “wellness” as a lifestyle.

For some time now, significant changes have been perceived in the consumption habits of societies. Regardless of age, sex, and where you live on the planet, there is a tendency to pursue the balance of body, mind, and soul, focused on health and well-being.

This figure that was formerly only available to celebrities today has become an accessible luxury. These experts in wellness, nutrition, sports, and emotional intelligence have ceased to be a trend to become a necessity in those who seek to improve their quality of life.

Wellness consultant- diet

A wellness coach can also help with the principles of a good diet. Although the trainer may not be a registered dietitian, they will often understand nutrition and understand the basics. Even such basic knowledge is enough to help establish a diet for ordinary people. The trainer may periodically check in with the client to ensure that the diet is adhered to. This responsibility is an excellent way to keep those who follow a wellness plan on track. 

In addition to the diet principles, the wellness coaches will also offer help on other health problems. For example, those trying to quit smoking will offer some responsibility and advice on what to do when the urge strikes. This may not stop relapses, but it should provide another tool for such people. Besides smoking, alcohol and fast food can be other problem areas, as the wellness coach helps people deal with.

What impact do our relationships with others have on our well-being?

Well-being is collective since the relationships we have with other people are at the center of the experience of being in well-being.  Most Latin or Mediterranean traditions live collective well-being more intensely because most people define happiness due to their loved ones being happy.

On the other hand, we must not neglect to generate acceptable interpersonal and interpersonal relationship practices. “We do not cultivate well-being for ourselves, or to be better, but to be a better person, to be a better father or mother, son, brother, friend. therefore provide more well-being and virtue, creating a spiral of positivity. “

Specialties in the Emotions and Well-being area

Emotional intelligence

  • Own emotions: awareness, regulation, motivation, and reinforcement
  • Emotions in others: empathy, prediction, assertiveness, and other social skills
  • Training of the ‘mindset’ or mental configuration: patterns, beliefs, fears …
  • Resilience and adaptability
  • Emotional intelligence in selection processes
  • The practice of emotional intelligence in work teams: trust, cooperation, flexibility, group self-esteem, anger management

Mental Training

  • Understanding and managing positive and negative stress
  • Mindfulness (mindfulness) and other forms of meditation
  • Concentration and attention training
  • Relaxation, mind-body connection, respiratory and postural awareness
  • Digital disconnection and addiction to screens

Healthy habits

  • Regulation of rest: improvement of the quality and hygiene of sleep
  • Mindful eating
  • Physical activation for sedentary professionals

Benefits of Wellness Coaching

  • Have the support to acquire healthy habits and improve the quality of life.
  • Acquire tools to focus on yourself and make fundamental life changes.
  • Reduce health risks.
  • It helps define achievable goals to achieve well-being and be in harmony.

How do we do our wellness coaching?

We start with inquiring questions. What kind of a lifestyle do you lead? What kind of a lifestyle did you wish you led? What’s missing from your life, and what are the barriers preventing you from achieving them? 

There is a constant process of asking questions and solving the answers together. Here at MBS Holistic, we look at the challenges that have prevented you in the past and help you take healthy steps to overcome them. With each session, our wellness consultant wishes to bring you closer to accomplishing your goals.

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